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We've been installing furnaces for over 20 years in Alberta, the cold climate can mean your furnace is working overtime. Intertherm furnaces are some of the most used mobile furnace systems. The new modern, spacious, and large mobile homes require a compact, reliable, quiet and efficient furnace. Intertherm excels in all these categories, making it a great option for your mobile furnace system. Interthem furnace maintenance is key to keeping your furnace running efficiently and giving it longevity. There is always very important maintenance like changing filters, keeping ducting clean and free of blockage. But there are other parts that can go over time like igniters and control modules which are a little bit more difficult to figure out and might require calling your local contractor for a visit. But for DIY who try and figure it out themselves, we have the supplies you need.

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Igniters, sensors, draft inducer motors, flame and limit switches, run capacitors, thermal switches, pressure switches, control boards, roll out limit switch, air filters, gas burners, fuses. roll out limit switch, blower motor, gas valve assemblies, thermocouple, transformers, circuit breakers, drain pipes, blower wheel, thermostat, door switch, contactor, fan switch, ignition module, relay, pilot, switch kits, on off switch, orifice, burner baffle, vent baffle, tube, roll out limit switch, access panel, burn tube, drip tray, blower housing, and more.

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